Flyfishing Entomology


Zoological Classification

For purposes of illustration, this is how taxonomists classify the Dark Green Drake, which is the flyfishers' name for a particular species of mayfly.
       Category:        Taxon
          Kingdom:        Anamalia (animal)
             Phylum:           Arthropoda (segmented invertebrate with jointed legs)
                Subphylum:     Hexapoda (six legged)
                   Class:              Insecta (insect, three major body regions)
                      Subclass:        Pterygota ( winged insect)
                         Superorder:    Paleoptera (non-twisting wings)
                           Order:              Ephemeroptera (mayfly)
                               Suborder:        Furcatergaila (fork-gilled)
                                  Infraorder:        Scapphodonta (burrower)
                                    Family:              Ephemeridae (common burrower)
                                        Genus:              Litobrancha
                                           Species:          recurvata
The system of classification tells us our Dark Green Drake is an animal; has a segmented body; has segmented legs; has six legs; is winged (as an adult); has old style wings (unable to twist at base); is a mayfly; has forked gills; is a burrower; is a common burrower.

Only the last two levels of identification (genus and species) comprise the scientific name.  Convention calls for the scientific name to appear in italics, for the genus to start with a capital letter, and for the species to start with a lower case letter.  In our example, this would be Litobrancha recurvata.

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