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Re: Wyoming Stonefly

From: Mike
Posted: July 3, 2006 7:19 PM on www.WashingtonFlyfishing.com

i have been fishing in wyoming the last couple of weeks, and the stoneflies that have been coming off are the smallest stones i have ever seen, about a 1/2", and the body is red and the thorax is a golden color. i have been trying to find what kind of stones they are on the internet but cannot find them. anybody ever seen these or know what kind they are?


They were most likely Isoperla quinquepunctata. They have an adult length range of 0.45" - 0.6", a gold thorax, red abdomen, and emerge from April through August. The males often have shortened wings that only cover about 3/5 of the abdomen. They are of family Perlodidae (Patterned Stoneflies), subfamily Isoperlinae (Stripetails), and have a common name of Fivespot Stripetail. They are likely called Little Red Stoneflies by fly fishers in Wyoming, but I don't know that for a fact. Hope this helps.


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