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Re: Mothers Day Caddis

From: BigBugger
Posted: May 06, 2005 11:16 PM on www.FlyTyingForum.com

Hey, does anyone know what colour the larva of the Mother's day caddis is? I think the right pattern might work pretty well up here in the next couple weeks.


You will probably want to imitate the pupa rather than the larva, as the Mother's Day Caddis or American Grammon (Brachycentrus) is cased caddis, which means the color would probably not be relevant until it has departed its case/puparium.

Here is a link to an photo of an imitation of a Brachycentrus pupa imitation. You'll find the photo about midway through the article. In any event, in answer to your question, I believe the color is a light to medium yellowish green.


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