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Re: Mayfly Sighting

From: Tim
Posted: : Thursday, May 2, 2006 07:58 PM on www.flyfishingmaine.com

i was out fixing the shed yesterday afternoon, reached down to open the door, and say a mayfly....smallish, maybe a 16.....two tails, mottled tannnish/greyish.....didn't get a great look

i am assuming it came from the sheepscot across the street


Given the keys you provided, size #16, 2 tails, mottled tannish/grayish, the possibilities would seem to be Callibaetis, Leucrocuta, Maccaffertium, or Rhithrogena. Callibaetis primarily inhabit still water, and Maccaffertium and Rhithrogena are more likely be a bit larger than #16, so my best guess would be Leucrocuta.

Leucrocuta species are variously referred by common names of Graywinged Yellow Quill, Little Evening Sulphur, Little Evening Yellow, Little Pale Evening Dun, Little Yellow Quill, Pale Evening Dun, and Small Graywinged Yellow.

In Maine, you have Leucrocuta aphrodite, L. hebe, L. macullipenis, L. minerva, and L. walshi.

Incidentally, all of this information is available on my website, www.FlyfishingEntomology.com. The potential genera were determined with the Identifying Adult Mayflies screen, by selecting # of tails (2), Body length: (07 mm. #16), Fore wings: (marked/mottled), Geographic location: (USA:NE). The common names were determined with the Names Query screen by keying Leucrocuta into the box for Scientific Names containing. The Leucrocuta species in Maine were determined with the N. American Mayfly Distribution screen by keying ME into the entry box for USA (state).


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