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Adult Caddisfly Identification

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This page supports identification of caddisfly imagoes (adults) to genus level. Click the blue button to the right of each selection box to display the available choices, and then click on the appropriate choice. If uncertain, select the question mark.  After making selections, click the Lookup button for tabular display of the most likely candidate(s).

Note: JavaScript is used to analyze selections and display results for this page. If the browser you are using does not support JavaScript, or if scripting has been disabled, nothing will happen when you click Lookup.   To remedy this in (IE 6.0), go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced (tab) Security options, and place a checkmark in the box for Allow active content to run in files in My Computer.

Genera listed are among those covered in the book, Caddisflies by Gary LaFontaine.
State and province distribution are based on NatureServe Explorer Version 6.1 (9 November, 2006).

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